Mr Reda  Kenawy the founder President of Air1Travel Tokyo Japan has over 9 years Experience in the Hajj, Umrah and Airlines Trade and Travel Industry.In addition to his responsibility at Air1 travel he also took a very challenging tasks of Hajj and Umrah Services in Tokyo Japan, the Awareness of Hajj and Umra , The Knowhow, The Methods and Educate the peoples in the way of Conducting  Hajj Seminars Manasik Of Hajj  during Ramadan and guiding what is Hajj and its Importance through well Learned peoples of Islam, Manasik of Hajj CDs, Brouchers of how to perform Hajj, Travelling Informations and Guidelines, Visa service informations etc., etc.,  after many years of struggling and hardship, spending lot of time,energy and money up and downs he gain a good Experience as a good Organizer of Hajj and Umrah Services and gained a peoples  good confidence and trust as a most reliable and trustworthy Agnets Air1 Travel in Japan,