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In the name of Allah the most Beneficient and Merciful’

Mr Reda Kenawy the founder President of Air1Travel Group has over 25 years Experience in the Hajj, Umrah and Airlines Trade and Travel Industry.

In addition to his responsibility at Air1 travel he also took a very challenging tasks of Hajj and Umrah Services in Japan, South Korea,Hong Kong,the Awareness of Hajj and Umra , The Knowhow, The Methods and Educate the peoples in the way of Conducting Hajj Seminars Manasik Of Hajj during Ramadan and guiding what is Hajj and its Importance through well Learned peoples of Islam, Manasik of Hajj CDs, Brouchers of how to perform Hajj, Travelling Informations and Guidelines, Visa service informations etc., etc., after many years of struggling and hardship, spending lot of time,energy and money up and downs he gain a good Experience as a good Organizer of Hajj and Umrah Services and gained a peoples good confidence and trust as a most reliable and trustworthy Agnets Air1 Travel in South east Asia

After seeing all , the International Media keep eyes on his good services and spirits of islam they visit japan for making a documentary short Film of Road to Hajj in Japan and met with Mr Reda Kenawy to share his experience and give interview to Aljazira for international public, the most popular worlds T.V. Channel Aljazirah, on topics of the Muslims in Japan and their thoughts about Hajj and Islam. Please visit website: —————————-., Road to Hajj in Japan, a Complete Film shoot in Tokyo on International levels.

Qualifications  of Mr, Reda Kenawy

Graduated from the University of Cairo in the year of 1992

Diploma in Travel and Tourism and Airlines Affilations

Best Oganizer of Hajj and Umrah Services for many years from Saudi Arabia 2013, 2014,2015,2016,2017

Services Reward and Appreciations:

Many years of  Experience and seeing good performance of Air1Travel for Hajj Organizing and Public more demands the Saudi Embassy has desided to give additional task of responsibilities to Air1 Travel to run and Manage the Saudi Visa Processing Center in Tokyo and share the responsibility of the public services of Saudi visa handling.

Our Vision and Networking:

We have a Global network of Hajj Umrah Services in Powered by Air 1 Travel,, The Air 1 travel is maintain a good reputation of services and networking under its good Management.

Our Overseas Offices

Memberships-Authorizations and Certifications :

1. Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Saudi Arabia

2. Saudi Embassy of Japan , South Korea and Hong Kong Authorized Agent for  Visa Processing

3. ASTA- the American Society of travel Age

4- IATA agent

Biography of Amir- ul -Hajj – Air 1 Travel Group of Companies

Dr. Sim ur Rhman is well know and beloved Prsonality of Japan Society and Asociated with several Islamic and

Cltural Afairs as a Senior Person.

Air1 Tavel Group of Companies have honour such a Personality in Asociated with our Company  Non Commercial

Honorary basis and given his most valuable services to our Hajj group last 9years as a Amir Ul-Hajj Air1 Travel

Hajj Group.  Mr. Salim ur Rahman is well qualified and experienced person who is doing hajj since 1976 ,Mashalla as included our group 9 hajj

Under his guardianship as a Amir-Ul-Hajj.Salimur_ehman himself is having a pleasing personality Man-with high quality of humanity and

Peoples,understanding with everybody either Poor or rich this is his God-gift. He has good command to teach hajji to perform perfect hajj

under his guidance


Dr. Slim ur Rhman, known as a Dr.Salim-ur Rahman Khan Nadavi, Son of Moulana Mohammad Salman Khan Nadavi

He born in Bhopal, India in the year of 1954 and migrated to Japan in the year 1986 Remain this date,

He married a Japanese Muslim Lady and by the grace of God Mashallah he has 3 sons by names of Master: Waseem, Naseem and Hamza.


Alhamdullilah he has completed Quran-e-Shariff in his Childhood with Hiffs, as Qari

2. In the year 1974 studied in Darul loom Naduwat al-Ulama Lucknow India and Awarded a Degree of Aameet which is equalent to (B.A.)

3. In the year 1973 Awarded another Degree Fasilat which is equlant to Masters Degree (M.A.) from the same Collage of Darul-uloom,Lucknow India

and Presented the Researcher Topic of Imam Abu-Hanifa Rehmatul Ul-Alameen Alayah’s Character.

4. In the year 1983 Awarded a Degree of (M.A.) Masters of Arts from the University of Alamam Muhammad bin Saud Al-Salamiyata,

Riyadh , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and participated in Arabic Researcher Muqala Presented as topic of Sahafat of India on Islamic History of (Ataqua.)

5. In the Glorious year 2003 Awarded PHD Research Scholar Degree from the University of Lucknow India

and Presented a Litrary Research Muqala  Topic of Taqafat of Islam in Japan


1.  In 1986 till 1987given Services as a Teacher of Arabic and Islamic (Takafat) in Muhaed al-Arabic Islami Tokyo, Japan.

2. 1991-2011 till this date as a Teacher of Arabic in Chou University of Tokyo Japan


1. Voluntary Services rendered to the following Organizations and Masajids;

a.  Tokyo Mosque old Masjid

b.  Masjid of Almuhmad Alarabi Al-Islami Tokyo

c. As a Incharge for DailySalah of Islamic Center Japan

d. Masjid Al-Tauhid, Hachi hoji, Tokyo

e. Jama Masjid Of Yokohama etc., performed Jamat of Friday, Eid prayers and Taravee

f. Also Khudbah of Eid responsibilities as on date 2011.

2. 1985-2010 given services to Islamic Center of Japan a General Manager

3. 1985-2011 till this date working as a Chairman Ruhet-Ul-Hilal Committee Japan

4.  1990-2010 given services as a Chairman Islamic Center of Japan

5. 2000-2010 given services as a Chairman to Islamic Center Japan for Halal Committee

6. 2002-2011 till this date as a Chairman Graveyard Committee of Japan

7.  2004-2007 as a active Chairman in Islamic Center Japan

8. 2008-2010 as a Executive Officer in Islamic Center Jaan

9. 2008-2011 till this date as Chairman Hajj Committee of Japan

10.   2010-2011 till this date as Head of MESAJ OF PEACE ASSOCIATION

11.   2011 as on today as Head Nadwa Education Center of Jaan

12.   Attended many Seminars and Confrences in many countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia

U.A.E. Malaysia,Kuwait,Taiwan,India and U..S.A.

Membership and Other Services

1.  Membership of Darululoom Nadwa Aluluma Lucknow as a Organizar from 2008 till 2011

On Litrary Works;

1.  Release a book as a Author and Writer in 2008 by name of ALSALAM FI YABAN in Arabic, Subject of Islamic Education.

2.  Release one more book as a Author and Writer in 2010 by name; The History of Islamic Journalism in India.

With best compliments from:
Team of :

M/s. Air 1 travel – Tokyo Japan

M/s. Air 1 Travel korea ,South Korea

M/s. Air 1 Travel Hong Kong , Hong Kong


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Mr Reda Kenawy the founder President of Air1Travel Tokyo Japan has over 25 years Experience in the Hajj, Umrah and Airlines Trade and Travel Industry.In addition to his responsibility at Air1 travel he also took a very challenging tasks of Hajj and Umrah Services in Tokyo Japan, the Awareness of Hajj and Umrah.
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