Japan Hajj 2020 Package

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The perfect package if you’re on a budget but still want to make the most of your spiritual journey with perfect way.
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Departure Date 30th Dhul Qadah, 1441 (21 July 2020)
Return Date 19th Dhul Hijjah, 1441 (9 Aug 2020) (Arrive Japan 10 Aug.2020.)
Duration 21 Days
Makkah Hotel near to Masjed Haram
Madinah Hotel near to Masjed Nabawy
Flights Emirates Airline
Transfers Air conditioned coaches

payment can be done on Monthly bases

   In Madinah


Full Board

Arrival Date

1st Dhul Hijjah, 1441 (22 July 2020)

Departure Date

5st Dhul Hijjah, 1441 (26 July 2020)


4 Nights


Ziarah in private coach

  In Makkah


Full Board

Arrival Date

6th Dhul Hijjah, 1441 (27 July 2020)

Departure Date

19th Dhul Hijjah, 1441 (9 Aug 2020)


14 Nights



In Mina



Full Board

Arrival Date

7th Dhul Hijjah, 1441 (28 July 2020)

Departure Date

13th Dhul Hijjah, 1441 (3 Aug 2020)


6 Nights


Camps are located in the south East Asia  Camp but with extra services including:

- Tea and Coffee available at all times
- Cold drinks available at all times

-EXTRA Accomodation in Mecca During in Mena and Arafa (Partial Stay) From 6th Dhul Hijjah, 1441 Until 15th Dhul Hijjah, 1441 With Private Bus to Haram All Day

Flights and Transfers


Departure  Date

30th Dhul Qadah, 1441 (21 July 2020)


19th Dhul Hijjah, 1441 (9 Aug 2020) (Arrive Japan 10 Aug.2020.)


Emirates Airline





Airport Transfers

Air conditioned coaches

Makkah/ Minah/Madinah Transfers

Air conditioned coaches

Note : this program is tentative only based on the moon shighting, you might get one less day in madinah or one day more

For Price please contact us

Package includes:

  • Visa
  • Air Ticket
  • Fuel Surcharge  
  • Airport Tax
  • Accommodation  
  • Guidance
  • Food 3 times a day (Except 5 stars hotel the food will be breakfast and dinner only)
  • VIP Transportation
  • Hajj Seminar
  • Manasik throughout Hajj
  • Visit Historical places
  • Free Jacket & other gifts

Package does not include:

–       Ihram

–       Qurbani

–       Vaccination

–       Travel Insurance

Other Services:

  • Strategic hotel Area
  • Guidance by experienced staff
  • Mutawef
  • Installment payment

What is the first step to Apply?

  • To apply, you need to fill out an application form (Air 1 travel application)
  • Send your Passport copy with the pages which have your information and Japanese visa information.
  • Send a copy of both sides of your residence card.
  • Pay the deposit



Madinah : Near to Masjed Nabawy

Makkah -1 : Apartment style From 6th Dhul Hijjah, 1441 Until 15th Dhul Hijjah, 1441

Makkah -2 : 5 Stars near to Masjid Haram From 15th Dhul Hijjah, 1441 Until 20th Dhul Hijjah, 1441

Hotel Amenities

- All rooms in our accommodations are selected for the comfort of our passengers

- Air conditioned room

- American and Arabian bathroom style

- Showers

- All rooms Non Smoking

Room Types:

All our rooms are 4 people or more per room, but if you prefer to stay in Double room or Triple room we can arrange it for you with extra charge

Our New Model Buses Services

- 40 Passengers

- Distinctive design and shape, and streamlined

- Places for luggage on both sides of the bus.

- High external Lights (front and rear)

- Tinted Glass Insulator for the sun heat.

- Moving luxury seats.

- Broad windows of shaded glass.

- Curtains on windows.

- Lighting above each seat.

- Air conditioning for each seat.

- Modern screen television + DVD

- Interior lighting.

- Floor made of Formica wood.

- Ease of movement inside the bus.

- Places for luggage inside of the bus

- WC (toilet)

- Fridge drinking water (cold + hot)

- Automatic doors (front and rear)

Why Madinah First?

    • – Hujjaj (pilgrims) going to Madinah first doesn’t have to worry about ihram on the flight because ihram will be worn once you leave Madinah to Makkah.
    • – Hujjaj don’t have worry about their luggage in state of ihram
    • – Hujjaj doesn’t have to perform umrah right away instead they are able to relax and          adjust to the climate.
    • – Madinah is cooler as compared to Makkah. The weather gives you an idea of what to expect in Makkah.
    • -You will become accustomed to the crowds in Madinah making it easier to handle even it bigger crowds in Makkah
    • Note: This Decision is based on feedback provided by Hujjaj who have previously performed hajj with Air 1 Travel Group

Our Services in Saudi

Shuttle bus to Haram during your stay in the accommodation in Makkah
Full guidance by Air 1 Travel team and fully experienced members in the field of Hajj for the past 25 years
Professional assistance during all your Hajj trip with (Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, Urdu , Chinese and English languages)
PC available, e-mail & internet, printer, copying, fax in all accommodations
Visit for the historical places in Madinah
Mualim’s will join our group from start the Hajj trip until finish with (Japanese, Indonesia, Arabic, Urdu , Chinese and English language)
Ground transportation Air-Conditioned Buses (Madinah to Makkah to Mina to Arafat to Muzdalifa to Mina to Makkah and back to Jeddah Airport)


We are certified agents for the Saudi Consulate (Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong) and the  Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia. We do not have any sub-agents.
We arrange Group travels with very limited or urgent (unavoidable) personal requests.
We can en-route you to your home country after the Hajj upon your request for some extra cost.
Hotels booked for Hajj are based on the comfort of our factory workers clients
We have male and female tutors who are available to teach you the Hajj procedures.
Our group leader will travel along with you to ensure everything is organized
Experienced staff in departure country and Saudi Arabia.
Hajj classes during all Hajj trip in English, Indonesian, Uzbek, Arabic and Urdu.
Comfortable ground transportation.

Travel Insurance

Air1Travel highly recommends that you purchase third party insurance to provide adequate cover for medical expenses, personal accident, loss of baggage and curtailment or cancellation of trip. Individuals are responsible to finance on the spot medical treatment and other contingencies, and then to reclaim this from their own insurance, if covered. You will be required to provide documentation to the insurance company to facilitate a claim. Please note that there are exclusions to coverage of insurance.

Cancel Policy:

1- Cancelation from registration until 01 March will be subject to 30,000 JPY

2- Cancelation from 01 March until 31 March will be subject to 100,000 JPY

3- Cancelation from 01 April until 30 April will be subject to 200,000 JPY

4- From 01 May No refund money

* In case hajj trip is cancelled due to war, political unrest or any disaster no refund will be made.

Information about us

Bank Account

bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, Shinagawa Eki Mae Branch, Futsu Koza ACCOUNT NO:0190258 Account holder: 2K International Traders


[Japan] 2K INTERNATIONAL TRADERS Co Ltd., Air1Travel





Tel: 03-6435-1145  /   Fax: 03-6435-1147
Mobile: 090-9303-8908 Reda




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Mr Reda Kenawy the founder President of Air1Travel Tokyo Japan has over 25 years Experience in the Hajj, Umrah and Airlines Trade and Travel Industry.In addition to his responsibility at Air1 travel he also took a very challenging tasks of Hajj and Umrah Services in Tokyo Japan, the Awareness of Hajj and Umrah.
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